to Control Line World where the seven disciplines of control line model aviation are united with their very own publication. The magazine introduces regular columns of interest on all aspects of our hobby/sport along with special articles and features covering anything and everything related to flying models. Control Line World strives to offer the most complete and informative coverage of these popular venues, Carrier, Combat, Racing, Scale, Speed, Stunt, and Fun!

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Updated 3/10/2007  Control Line World subscribers and readers should be advised the CLW staff is aware of the omission of the PAMPA ad in the January issue of the magazine. We deeply regret this oversight which will be rectified in the next issue. Please accept our sincere apologies. All our advertisers are important to the success of Control Line World and we look forward to a long association with each and every one.

While we suffer the teething pains any new endeavor will undoubtedly have to endure, we ask for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to make contact as necessary with your suggestions, concerns, and of course we're open to criticism.

Thank You,
Editor, Control Line World

The Editor and staff are inviting any and all who have ideas they would like to share, to contribute an article for print in Control Line World. Our readers appreciate lots of pictures, and text should be submitted in a word document form such as Microsoft Word. If you would like to see your current project in the magazine and think others would like to see your new labor of love, by all means send it in.

If you are a pioneer in new and interesting ways of building, painting, flying, motors, hardware, etc… send in your article outlining your thoughts and ideas.

If you have an idea on how we can better run our events and want to post the idea for all to see, send it in! We welcome editorials as well as articles on interesting items, projects, innovative designs, people and events, etc…(inside or outside the box). Since we are a world wide publication we also encourage international controlliners to submit reports and articles from around the world.

You can't buy fame, and fame is no guarantee of riches. Although we can't pay for articles published in the magazine, you can contribute for the satisfaction of personal recognition. Hey, everyone wants to be famous and that is something you can not buy!

Please don't be shy. You'd be surprised at how well an article from you might be received. Think about it, if everyone in the world waited for the perfect article about model airplanes we'd all still be skipping flat stones across the local creeks. There is no such thing as the perfect article, no such thing as the perfect author, or subject, or even airplane. If you're not confident in your grammer or spelling get your flying partner to help you write an article. That way you become co-authors, nothing wrong with that, "My Low-Wing Sport Stunter" by Joe Funday edited by his partner Tom Spelling.

One thing does stand out and that is Stunt or Precision Aerobatics makes up a huge portion of control line modeling. Be assured this magazine, Control Line World, is about "ANYTHING" having to do with control line model aviation. Without contributions from those of you who participate in the other equally exciting disciplines, the magazine would quickly become a clone of already existing periodicals. To insure completeness of each issue we need participation from every corner of the control line spectrum. Be a contributor! Submit an article today! Help Control Line survive another 50 years!

Remember this whole concept is about sharing knowledge and ideas so everyone with an interest can benefit. It's that simple, please consider submitting an article to Control Line World today, and if you have lingering questions contact the Editor or staff for assistance. Control Line World offers complete coverage of control line model aviation and will publish articles submitted relating to any aspect of this hobby/sport. Whether you're into Carrier, Combat, Racing, Scale, Speed, Stunt, or just plain FUN, we want to hear from you so we can share your fun and enjoyment with everyone else!

Please click on the "Submit" link above to review our Guidelines for Submissions.


The 7 Disciplines

Here in PDF format are the full size plans for Rick Blankenship's "YANKEE NIPPER" combat plane from the January 2007 issue of Control Line World. Download the PDF file, save it to a diskette, and take it to Kinko's. Ask them to print you a full size copy of these very well made plans. No CAD to mess with, it's already done for you, thanks to Rick. 396KB in size.


the January 2007 issue of Control Line World

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