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This is the Submissions page of Control Line World magazine.

At this time you may submit questions or problem issues (symptoms) of concern to the "Symptoms and Solutions" column. The staff will reply with a solution through the "Symptoms and Solutions" column in Control Line World magazine. With the printed reply all readers can benefit from the combined and shared knowledge of others. To submit a "Symptom" please use your e-mail client by clicking on:

Symptoms & Solutions

Guidelines for submission of articles

 Text and photo images:
Authors should write all text from a first-person point of view when possible. Characters should be in uppercase and lowercase (capitals and small letters) in a fashion similar to what you are now reading. Bold letters should be used for emphasis, you may also use underlines. Please attach your photos as attachments and not embedded in the article. Label in the article where the photos are to be inserted. If you use Microsoft Word and put the images in the article body, it is okay as long as you also include an identical .jpg image file as an attachment. Please try and give us the best digital photos you can take. The bigger the image file the easier it is to work with. Who knows we might turn one of them into a cover shot. Shooting extra pictures and letting us decide which one fits best would also be a help. The Title of your article should be in the body.  Deadlines for each magazine is 45 days before mailings but sooner is appreciated! If you want to make the April issue we would need your submission by February 15. Simple as that, so get those fingers warmed up and start writing!

FTP service is not yet completed, so at this time you can submit an article by first contacting the Editor who will furnish you with transmission instructions.

The Editor

This page will be receiving additional construction and features. Eventually those who wish to submit articles for the magazine will be able to do so by way of this page. An FTP upload capability will be added here to make it much easier for authors to submit articles and help with editing their material for publication.

Please be patient as we make every effort to expedite this process.

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